In March I went to GDC again and had a great time. There was lots of vining going on. Here is someone speaking at the Lost Levels unconference in Yerba Buena Gardens. I also vined this game. Someone should make a Vine for video games.


Fun times back in December making VidRhythms with my family.

Art game

The actual picture we hung was a Jon Klassen print but I couldn’t do it justice in 14 colours.

On the way to the Global Game JamĀ  I found $20 in the street!

Happy New Year! My awesome wife got me a new copy of WWDIY for Christmas so I’m resurrecting Microcartridge. I lost 5 unfinished games with my old DSi so I’m going to try remaking them soon. Fortunately I have backups of my other games (except the last 3) on my Wii back in SF.

The Master

Based on the film (from memory). Filmed in San Francisco from my DSi screen which is about 70mm wide.