Been a little quiet here. I’m working on some new DIY stuff. Meanwhile here’s a gif I made from 67 of the images on my other tumblr.

Been a little quiet here. I’m working on some new DIY stuff. Meanwhile here’s a gif I made from 67 of the images on my other tumblr.

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Loosely based on the time we saw the film Frank at the San Francisco Film Festival. It’s a really good film. There was a big Michael Fassbender fan in the audience who had made her own Frank head and travelled from LA just for the screening.

There’s only 2 days left to share your games remotely before Nintendo shut down their servers! You may need to change the security settings on your wireless router to do this. Here’s a cool event organized by Sergio Cornaga where people are sharing their games in these final moments:

Oh hey! I’m back! I kinda missed making these games so I bought a 3DS XL and a $5 used copy of DIY. Maybe you followed this tumblr after reading this Tiny Cartridge interview. Welcome!

I’m trying to fill the cartridge which means 41 more games to go. At the rate I was going before this could take about 3 years but I’ll try speeding things up a little.

Warioware RIP

A few weeks ago I lost my DS somewhere in North Berkeley. I think it slipped out of my broken coat pocket while I was running for a bus. I was probably listening to a podcast and didn’t hear it hit the ground.

This is the second DS and WarioWare DIY cartridge I’ve lost. Last time, when I left one on a plane, I remade a few of the games that were unfinished, unrecorded or not yet backed up to my Wii. I couldn’t face doing this again so, unless someone miraculously returns one of my missing handhelds, I’m done with this tumblr.

Three lost games I hadn’t got around to recording or transferring to Showcase:

  • 0hour game jam - Failed attempt to make something for this game jam which takes place during the missing hour when the clocks go back. Winding a clock back was what you had to do in the game.
  • Percussive Maintenance - Based on my latest supercut. Basically just the Fonz hitting a jukebox. I was kind of pleased with his animation.
  • GDC Career Pavilion - A game where you grab schwag from the Nintendo table at GDC.

I also had several others sketched out and “shipped” to get around WWDIY’s 2 game save limit on in-progress games. These included more games based on Scott Campbell’s King of Kong arcade (like Frogs) and Daphny David’s idea which Anna Anthropy wrote in my copy of Rise of the Videogame Zinesters.

I started this blog after reading the Tiny Cartridge post on what Ian Bogost called “videogame snapshots”. I liked this concept and as a fan of the Warioware series, this seemed like the perfect way for me start making my own games. The restrictions really helped, as did the portability (although that was ultimately it’s downfall).

I planned to make at least a game a week until I filled up all the shelves on the cartridge but other stuff got in the way and the site would go without updates for months at a time. I was also hoping to get some submissions but WWDIY does not make that process simple.

Unless WarioWare AAA is announced I’m going to try making some games this year in Gamemaker or Unity. I attended some game jams in 2013 and contributed art or ideas to a few games. One of these, Right Side of the Road was based on Pondcrosser 2. It’s still not the game I have in my head but it was great to work on the idea with an experienced programmer/designer and get feedback from other players. If you’re reading this, maybe you make games and you need an animator. I can do that!

I’m hopeful that soon someone will make something as simple, portable and fun as WWDIY for 3ds/iOS/Android/whatever. Maybe it already exists. It would be cool if sharing a game was as simple as sharing a vine. Let me know if you find anything. Also, if you have any tiny games about mundane things people don’t usually make games about then it’s not too late to send it in.

Here’s some other places you can find me:

tumblr - I haven’t posted a comic or photoshop thing in ages but if i make a new thing, maybe another supercut, it will probably end up here.

twitter - Damn. I also lost a game where you fave a tweet. I was saving it for a really good tweet.

miiverse - We got a Wii U for Christmas. My drawing of Mario got 4 yeahs!

That’s it. Thanks for following!

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Yesterday I played Gone Home. I really liked it. This is based on a silly easter egg from the game and not representative of what it is at all. I remembered I was once given a mini basketball hoop like this one for my birthday because it had my name on it.

5 dentist visits in the last 2 months :(

Postcard from Salzburg

Please Hold On


In March I went to GDC again and had a great time. There was lots of vining going on. Here is someone speaking at the Lost Levels unconference in Yerba Buena Gardens. I also vined this game. Someone should make a Vine for video games.